October 2016 EPRRS Meeting

The October Meeting takes place this Wednesday, October 5th at 7:30 at Dave & Busters in King of Prussia.  Training will be around Foul Play and we will also hear from one of our referees returning from the Southern Hemisphere.  The gang starts gathering around 7:00.

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September 2016 EPRRS Meeting

Okay, the season is here, time to meet.  We will bring up the Law Changes, revisit the payments of referees and explain the issues with getting Spring out, and set expectations for all referees moving forward.  This is important stuff, try to get out.  We will meet, as per usual, at Dave & Busters in the Plymouth Meeting Mall.  We start officially at 7:30, but unofficially

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2016-2017 CIPP Needed

Every referee is required to complete their CIPP individually.  Many of us are due for their backround check from USA Rugby, so work to do this sooner than later.

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2016 Fall Availability

Gang, most of the dates for Fall Availability are back up on the site.  Hop on in and say Yes as often as possible.  We have only Saturdays loaded but are working ona good hunch that there will be Sunday 7s tournaments for High School.  If you see those items up with TBD, tell Matt and Sherri you are interested.

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USA Rugby Referee Kit

The USA Rugby Referees have created a store at World Rugby Shop to purchase USA Rugby Referee branded items.  There really are some very nice items in there.  Check it out...



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