September Meeting - 9/13

We are delaying the first meeting of the season to 9/13 due to Labor Day and Fantasy Football craziness. The October and November meetings will return to the first Wednesday of the month. Please do everything you can to be there, World Rugby has instituted a total of 11 law trials (some were introduced during the sevens season, others are brand new), so we have a lot to talk about. 

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2017 CIPP and Fall Availability

It's that time of year again! Time to renew our CIPP membership with USAR, and this year, dues have gone up for referees to $65. It's an overdue increase (when background checks from USAR became required, the cost was not passed on to us. The checks were being subsidized by either the referee department, the club department, or both). Please renew your CIPP as soon as possible.  You will not

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Law Trials, Updates, GMGs

Gang, there have been some recent changes and updates and they are the basis for the new Game Management Guidelines for the 2017-2018 competitive season.  The new GMGs are published on the site, Law Trial information is on the Facebook ( and you can also see the entire presentation by USA Rugby on the changes on either the Facebook or the USA Rugby Referee Resource

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2017 Summer Availability

The dates for Summer Availability are up.  Please hop in and say Yes often.  If there is a date with mutiple tournaments, please say Yes to both if you can get to both.  We will obviously work to put referees in the best positions.  

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No June Meeting

EPRRS Will not be meeting in June - Look for us to reconvene in September

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