Referee Match Fees

Effective 1/1/2016, Referee expenses are to be paid from the individual clubs directly to the EPRRS. Match fees for an individual match will be $100.  All referees will receive the same amount per match, regardless of their grade.  

A team may request an assigned referee for B side matches.  If available, the EPRRS will send an additional referee for the full $100 match fee.  If an additional referee cannot be found, the A side referee may be assigned at a rate of $75, if available.

Tournaments will be billed at the conclusion of the tournament (payment due within 7 days if not enrolled in APP).  Rates will be $150 per full-day referee, and $100 per a half-day referee.  The full-day/half-day tournament will be determined by the number of matches per referee and/or the length of time a referee is required at the field(s).

Tournament rates are negotiable on a case-by-case basis based on other amenities and in-kind payment as approved by the EPRRS Executive Board.


Referees may delay kickoff until the following requirements before kickoff are met:

  • Goal posts must be padded
  • Either a certified doctor must be present or proven access to a phone at the field (all teams should have a First Aid Kit and someone familiar with First Aid at all matches)