EPRRS Pre-Payment Plan

The EPRRS Prepayment Plan allows clubs to insert money into a bank account and have the EPRRS draw from it to pay match referees.  This is an ideal situation for all clubs as it takes the referee payment struggle out of the list of match day responsibilities. 

Are you a Collegiate side dependent on the College/University to make payment to your referee via a check some weeks later?  Tired of having your Saturday referee look upon you with disdain for not having sorted the whole reimbursement thing out earlier?  Please read about the payment plan being used successfully by a number of your counterparts in the union. 

College sides are encouraged to enroll in the EPRRS Prepayment Plan to ease the process of compensating referees as they seem to have the most trouble getting their funds from the schools to the individual referees.

The Prepayment plan allows Clubs to send money for the purposes of referee fees with invoices and balances produced for the payments made out of the individual funds.  When a fund balance becomes low, the EPRRS will contact the appropriate administrator.  This is a great way for clubs to avoid having to go to the school for each match with different referee information.  This also removes a great deal of hassle from the individual referees.

It is important to remember that clubs SHOULD NOT be asking a referee for their Social Security numbers as part of payment.  In this situation, the payment should be made directly to the EPRRS and the referee will subsequently be paid.  The EPRRS EIN - 232-75-4564 - should be used in this instance.  This transaction path will incur a handling and administration fee.

Several EPRU Clubs have already taken advantage of this opportunity.

We ask that all interested Treasurers in this situation contact EPRRS Treasurer Ryan Williams for additional information.

Click here to see a list of clubs using the EPRRS Pre-payment Plan