Want To Be A Rugby Referee?

EPRRS and IRB Rugby Referee Chris HenshallThank you for you interest in becoming a referee in the East Penn Rugby Referee Society (EPRRS). You will find that refereeing is a great way to stay fit and remain a part of the greatest game on earth. Refereeing also provides a tremendous opportunity to meet different people and travel to new sites and tournaments throughout the country.

The Process:

The initial process for becoming a referee is to attend the Referee Certification Level I Course to obtain a Referee Grade of C4.

Should a C4 referee desire to rise through the ranks of referees and ultimately become a member of the EPRRS, the individual would simply need to submit their availability through the EPRRS website and relay their intent to one of the officers. These actions will allow the EPRRS Development Committee to match the new referee up with senior referees and certified referee coaches and assessors to complete the Mentoring/Coaching process and evaluation.

At the conclusion of the Mentoring/Coaching process and evaluation [Normally three matches but subject to the judgment of the mentor(s)/coach(es)], Referee Grade C3 will be bestowed upon the individual. 

To progress, referees would be need to complete Touch Judge Certification I, II, III.

Ongoing coaching and mentoring would be readily available to all members of the EPRRS with an established goal to foster and promote willing and able individuals. Training sessions are also conducted at each regular monthly meeting of the EPRRS held on the first Wednesday of each month throughout the season.

Still Have Questions?

We happy to answer your questions - please reach out to any of the EPRRS Officers listed on the site.