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Please fill out the following form to request an EPRRS referee for your match.


IMPORTANT!  Prior to submitting, please review the Assignments page to see if the match is already listed!

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Dump Tackle Memo

Dump Tackle Memo

Folks, please see the text of the Dump Tackle Memorandum released by MARFU & MARR:


To: All MARFU Member Clubs & All MARR affiliated Referees
From: Len Borcky, Director of Referees, Mid-Atlantic Rugby Referee Society
Importance: High
Date: 5/11/2012

This memo is being sent to all Clubs affiliated with the Mid-Atlantic Rugby Football Union (MARFU) and all Referees affiliated with the

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EPRRS Referee Confirmation Procedures

Every club utilizing EPRRS Referees is obligated to follow the Procedures for Confirming the Match Day Referee.  Teams are also responsible to make sure that their schedule is accurately reflected on the EPRRS Website.

Match Schedules are communicated to the EPRRS by the respective division coordinators.  Teams should assure that their division's schedule has been forwarded and added to

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Referee Abuse

It is the responsibility of every team in the to curb referee abuse. This is a responsibility of players, coaches, and spectators alike. The individual clubs are responsible for the actions of all persons associated with them. Referees have been instructed to aggressively report all instances of referee abuse regardless of the source.

Over the last couple of years warnings went out to several Individual

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