Yellow & Red Card Reporting

Yellow and Red Cards should be reported through theappropriate Disciplinary site. 


For Club and College, please use the following link (

For High School, U15, & U13, please use the following link (


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EPRRS Pre-Payment Plan

The EPRRS Prepayment Plan allows clubs to insert money into a bank account and have the EPRRS draw from it to pay match referees.  This is an ideal situation for all clubs as it takes the referee payment struggle out of the list of match day responsibilities. 

Are you a Collegiate side dependent on the College/University to make payment to your referee via a check some weeks later? 

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Referee Match Fees

Effective 1/1/2016, Referee expenses are to be paid from the individual clubs directly to the EPRRS. Match fees for an individual match will be $100.  All referees will receive the same amount per match, regardless of their grade.  

A team may request an assigned referee for B side matches.  If available, the EPRRS will send an additional referee for the full $100 match fee. 

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