EPRRS Referee Confirmation Procedures

Every club utilizing EPRRS Referees is obligated to follow the Procedures for Confirming the Match Day Referee.  Teams are also responsible to make sure that their schedule is accurately reflected on the EPRRS Website.

Match Schedules are communicated to the EPRRS by the respective division coordinators.  Teams should assure that their division's schedule has been forwarded and added to the Match Assignment page.

Missing matches should be reported to both a team's division coordinator and the EPRRS Assignment Secretaries.  Matches that have not been added to the schedule a week prior to the match could result in the match not having an assigned referee.  Any changes required to the published matches should be reported to the EPRRS Assignment Secretaries as soon as the discrepancy is identified.  Changes made the week of the match may result in the match not having an assigned referee or the assigned referee being reassigned to another match.

The EPRRS makes every attempt to assign the weekend's matches by Wednesday at the latest.  Teams should check the assignments grid for the Referee Assignments early in the week.  It is the responsibility of the Home Club to contact the referee preferably by the Wednesday night prior to the match.  Contact is defined as a two way conversation by either phone or email.  If a club is having trouble contacting the assigned referee, they should contact their Assignment Secretary.  Clubs that fail to contact their referee risk losing their assigned referee and may also be dropped to the bottom of the EPRRS priority list.

As part of the referee contact, teams should confirm the time and location of the match, confirm the referee's match fee, inform the referee if the club is on the EPRRS Prepayment Plan, and provide any other necessary information about the day (B side, potential delays, etc.)  On the day of the match, the teams are required to make payment prior to kickoff.  The EPRRS also strongly encourages all teams to complete a Referee Feedback Form following every match.